M4 – Discover & Brainstorm

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In a relax and happy atmosphere, our group opened a discussion today. We are five people from different backgrounds – Navid from Product Design, Annette and Kata from Ethnography, Tereza and Ming from Service Design. From multidisciplinary teamwork we shared different ideas about the value of service and good service, how to communicate the value of service design to business.

From service design background, Tereza and Ming shared and visualised their awareness of service on the whiteboard. A service or a product is a part of a larger system and needs to be designed within the context of the big system. Moreover, what is really important is how different relative staffs are connected. Experience also important for service. For example, when we mention about Disney, we would be impressive for its happy games, interesting environment, lovely Mickey Mouse, all these are about amused experience although people need to be in line for long time.

Navid from product design, he explained and shared many useful digital technologies for us and created lots of interesting ideas( Like Parallel universe). He used story to explain what was a service and visulised them in storyboard.

Annette and Kata from ethnography background, they thought service design was hard to  define. Annette shared some service videos she found on line, including service case studies, service definitions and service design thinking. We found some key words from these videos( root needs, think big, relationship, holistic, front and back stages) to see how they can be connected with the business together, and tried to use them to tell some stories. Then Kata inspired us in one sentence from Steve Jobs “ if you want to get your destination ten miles away from where you stand in the downtown New York city, you probably get lost yourself easily. But if you can fly on the top of sky like a bird, you can find the shortest route between A and B in one second.”


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