M4SID – First week review


Strategic information design is not only about visualisation or information design, but making decision. Why is making decision? Because SID lecture enables us learn to use different tools and social medias to collect information from the right people in the right way, then to help them make the right decisions.

The fist week SID course contained five different workshops&lectures in five days respectively. The previous four days gave us have an awareness of what is a brand and customer actually want; how to use social network tools to create our own digital ecosystem and kick start ideas; How to visualize our ideas and concepts; How to organize and arrange a workshop, using Whiteboard and useful tools like COCOA to collect information and effectively progress to the next step. These four days’ study provide us a opportunity to efficiently interactive with the client on Friday. For me the tool of COCOA is an useful method for collecting and analyzing data during the workshop, avoiding messy mind.  After the workshop we can review it clearly and effectively. More importantly, all the informations and datas are getting in the same whiteboard, it easily help us identity the useful informations and their relationship in line, quickly focus on what is the next to develop, like plan making, decision making and ideas creating.

A series of lectures and workshops let me possess the ability to gather and analyze information strategically by using different traditional and new social medias(e.g. storify) and tool(e.g. SMART, COCOA, SWOT).


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