M4 – Team member



Every group’s presentation was amazing today. We focused on diff perspectives n approaches getting insight into how can service design communicate the business value. Finally, We shared different knowledges between service n business from different groups and learned a lot of informations we ignoring before.

Group 3, they focused on how service design help business gain trust of the customer. They interviewed the Nile and tried to find out the solution. The video was pretty impressed about the conversation of Nile. The next stept may be they would excavated a specific to Nile.
Group 6, they had more developed than last week, they special to built service design buliding to solve the business questions, and the navigation was a good way.
Group 7, they have a strong video , content and technology of the presentation, at the meanwhile, using different levels of engagement and nice metaphor.
For our group, we had a good selling point of empathy through customers’ eyes, we got a strong message and nice visuals from the video. But the video style needed to be future improved getting a upsurge  during the whole process and the music as well. On the another hand it was better if we can have more case studies to support our selling point.

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