M4 – Project Review


The nile project include four parts: Process deck, video, website and Biliography.

Process deck illustrates how our team manage this project by using service design methods; Video gives a brief introduction what the value can service design do for business;  FAQs website helps businesses more deeper understanding what is service design, at the mean while, the case studies in the website show how service design communicate business and help business solve diff problems and benefit from these process.

For the Process deck, it illustrates how we strategically organize and analyse the whole project in details, from the primary research, secondary research, to the evaluation and the final presentation to the client of nile. The Timescales show how our group using service design method to discover, define, develop and deliver our ideas and concepts during these 20 days project.

For the video, it opens a window to show what can service design do for all kinds of businesses in a simple and understanding way.

For the website, it gives a deeper understand what is service design and how can service design communicate with diff businesses basing on diff cases.


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