KIST – Tutorial with Hazel


Thanks Hazel’s tutorial today, I got a brief about the relationship among the child, CHAS, and relative stakeholders. I clearly understood that I needed to focus on the interface of platform and child who no speech, no movement.

There are a rang of children on hospice, on the one side child has the mentally and physically able, they have life limiting illness. That might means they would die early or they might have cancer or skin condition. On the other side child in the wheelchair, they no speech, no movement, but we don’t know whether these children had the issue of cognitive ability(like mental ability). So they can’t do the activities as the normal child do. Usually when these children born they had stomach illness, they had in the bed for ever, so they needed to be feeded food.
For the KIST project, we don’t work with the children who have the mentally and physically able, we work with the children who can not speak or movement, but we don’t sure whether hey have cognitive ability problem. Because there are a lot of things existing for the front one and for more things they are the same as other children, even they have the lift limitation but they still can use the internet like Facebook.  But the children who we work with is not just about the children themselves,  their family as well – Dad, Mum, Grandparents, brother, sister, even carers, CHAS, social carers etc. It is about a huge system.  
The challenge about these project is  How all these stakeholder can understand the children who can not communicate effectively and timely. Understanding what the children like or dislike, their situation, their needs. Maybe workshops and interactive activities are good way to facilitate understanding. So why we need to focus on the platform? Because it is a good way to share, update and communicate the information availably basing on children-centred. But There are still have another problem that how can people who don’t good at computer upload the information to the platform? 
What I need to do is to find a platform(like Buddypress, Ning, google+, Path ) can build social network, focusing on the system in term of interface and its privacyWhat does it need to do? what functionality? what does the family want to do? What would be useful? Moreover I need to go back to CHAS do more research.

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