KIST – Stakeholder map

KIST 1relationships_Snapseed

Basing on the research I did before, I identify the stakeholders into three levers – Immediate Network, Larger Network and different kinds of informations.

For the immediate network, it is about when children born they need to do a appointment with midwife and nurse. On the other hand, for unnormal development children,  perhaps the they can not develop in a usual way, they will send  to GP. If the GP consider children need to further assistance, they would send to the local hospital and further to other care services like nursing and local respite care centre.
The local respite care centre build the bridge between immediate network and large network, connecting the child, family, school, extra curricular groups, social carers and CHAS together to create a more huge network,  in the meantime, CHAS concatenate with the staffs, support workers, professors, at home carers, volunteers etc.
Apart from that, KIST project also link with other kinds of networks, like medical, personal and social networks. 


The local respite care centre is funded by the Scottish health council and NHS, so what is the relationship between them and among GP, hospital, local respite care and nursing? how they connect each other? I find some information and identify them as the picture below:
NHS publicly funded healthcare systems by general taxation in UK. It has 14 individual systems, NHS Scotland is one of them. There are 47,500 nurses, 12,0000 doctors, 3800 consultants and other staff like midwives, GPs and pharmacists work with NHS Scotland. In term of Scottish health council, it listens and takes account people’s view to promote a ” mutual NHS “.  For the Scotland hospital also manage by the NHS board. 
Finally, I get a problem that I can not identify GP’s perdition during these map.



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