M5 – Empathy Workshop


Empathy workshop is a good way for me to practice how can organise a workshop, prepare tools, and engage with stakeholders before I open a workshop with the KIST stakeholders.
After explaining the relationship among different stakeholders of KIST project to our classmates, we pick up four roles – Child who no communication and movement, Family, GP and CHAS , analysing their  needs and issues. Finally, we try to develop a product or service which meets stakeholders’ needs.



After the workshop, I organised and concluded the key issues and needs of Child, Family, GP and CHAS.
Issues of Child
– Feel isolate, loneliness and frustration.
– Can not be understand.
– Mental vulnerability(心理缺陷).
– Difficult to communicate and movement.
– No social network.
– Difficult sharing like and dislike.
– Safety.
Issues of Family
– Don’t have self-time.
– Feel stress and tired.
– Guilt.
– Hard to find relative social network and sharing same experience.
– Hard to understand the child.
– Not good at computing.
Issues of GP
– Not expert o these area.
– Not sure how or who to contact.
– Not sure what support is available.
– worried about time constraints.
– Not sure how can offer support to child and their families.
Issues of CHAS
– Funding
– Need more understand child and families’ need and situation.
– After CHAS service.
– Need more time.
– Some staff not good at computing.
Needs of Child
– More good stand care.
– More understand.
– Communication by emotional.
– Online Monitoring System.
– More mental care.
– Good memory.
– Good organise their lives.
Needs of Family
– More time to their social, learning and work.
– Sharing experience with the same cases families.
– More help and sport( phycal and mental )
– More information to understand child’s disease.
– Understand.
– Special help.
– Feed back from the child.
Needs of GP
– Clear guidelines and clinical pathway.
– Clear advise on resources and support available.
– Need to know to who they can refer the child to.
– What is the clinical pathway for the child.
– Need clear guild line of steps to fellow.
Needs of CHAS
– A platform to communicate and fellowing child and families situation.
– Transparency(透明度)。
– More activities and interaction with child and families.
– More facilities.
– Easy access platform and a object as a ‘ remote control’ .

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