CHAS overview





This Mindmap  illustrates what is Children’s Hospice Associate Scotland( CHAS ) and how it helps families.

CHAS is a charity that provides the only hospice service in Scotland for the life-limilation condition children who no communication and movement.
So, how CHAS help family? It has a core team of nurses and support works who providing 24 hours service a day for existing family and offering a rang of care services for the whole new family.  The service is very flexible for each individual family and according to family’s needs
circumstance.  Also CHAS provides Children’s hospices which can share the care of children and young people with their families, so that their parents and siblings can enjoy some precious time together as a family.
Basing at 4 locations across Scotland, CHAS provides care at home for families across the whole of Scotland.  It can provide nursing care, emotional support for the whole family, and even activities in their local community.
Anybody can refer a child who has lift-shortening condition to Hospice by downloading the referral form, providing it has been discussed and agreed by their family. Then CHAS would assess the referral form and have a home visit to allowing family to meet the staff of CHAS, and then the CHAS staff would assess the referral.
CHAS offers bereavement support in a flexible way and responds to the needs of individual families. Moreover, spiritual care providing in CHAS effectively support families’ emotion needs. Chaplains are specialist in this ares, giving spiritual or religious support for ill chid and their family.
 In short, CHAS deliver the best quality palliative care to support ill child, young people and their family.

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