Facebook Launches Graph Search

3 facebook pillars

3 Pillars of the Facebook ecosystem

There are 3 Pillars to Facebook’s ecosystem of connections and interactions:

1. News Feed – “what’s going on in the world around me”

This allows you to get a real-time feed of what your friends and pages are up to. It is highly customizable, as people can “hide” content they don’t want to see.

2. Timeline – “what’s going on in their life”

All the content of Facebook users is organized and shown according to the period of time in which they were uploaded or created. Posts and events are displayed along a timeline that runs through the center of the profile, with the option of adding events that occurred prior to the user joining Facebook as well as “hiding” posts.

3. Graph Search – “anything I want to know”

It searches content in four areas: people, photos, interests and places. It is a new way for you to find people who are most relevant to you in those four areas.

The third pillar, Graph Search, is the latest development from Facebook that will revolutionize the way we search for information (especially local search!).

And, the Facebook Social Graph lets you discover places and interests like restaurants, new music, and influences through your friends and connections.

– Example: Try searching for “Restaurants my friends have been to”

Bottom Line: You can only see what you could already view elsewhere on Facebook.

3 Facebook Privacy Tips:

  1. To control who can see your current city, edit this setting in your About tab on your timeline
  2. To review or remove location tags of you at any time, go to the Posts You’re Tagged In section of your Activity Log
  3. You can review photos you’ve shared or have been tagged in. Photos that are untagged but not deleted can still be discovered by others on Facebook.

What does this mean for your business?

Today, Facebook released improvements to its internal social search. As marketers, we should all be drooling at the social giant’s updates that will allow us to target customers in a revolutionary way.

The new tool will turn personal information people have shared on Facebook into a powerful searchable database. Facebook is definitely trying to tell us something by releasing their new social search engine.


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