The model of CHAS palliative care

2The CHAS Model of Palliative Care

What is palliative care? What kind of service CHAS provide for ill child and young people when the whole family in hospice? How can family get referred to CHAS and what happen next?

I read the paper of the model of CHAS palliative care on CHAS website and summarised step by step by diagram below: 
1) Referral process. Anyone can refer a child or young person to CHAS, providing it has been discussed and agreed by their family. Referral for hospice care should also be discussed with a child or young person’s key worker and other health
professionals who are providing care and advice to the family.
2) Ordinarily a referral should be made using a CHAS referral form, which is available on the CHAS website at
3) This information is then assessed and further information gathered.
4) Often a home visit is made allowing an opportunity for a family to meet some of the CHAS team, and for CHAS staff to assess the referral.
5) If the assessment indicates that a referral is not appropriate, hospice staff will sensitively discuss this with the original referrer
6) Children and young people can be referred and accepted for care at Rachel House or Robin House whilst their treatment is still active. The hospice team will support the child and family with symptom management and emotional support as a transition to palliative care becomes appropriate.
7) Following acceptance to CHAS. 
8) Services offered by CHAS

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