I invited my adviser Jo and Sara to open an one hour discussion about KIST project today. We focused on stakeholders analysis and timeline draft of the whole project designed by Hazel, Jo and Sara form 2009 to 2013 . 
Stakeholder Analysis
Before the activity, i prepared some drawing of different shape of people and buildings, at the same time, i cut them to help participator easy to map out the relationship between different stakeholders and added some fun during this process.  We can see from the picture which we created together , it was about a complex system and easy confuse the connection each other. Stakeholder analysis activity enable me further clearly understand the relationship and touchpoint between different organisation and people. After we mapped out the big picture of stakeholders, we tried to find out the key people who was the central connection between these key stakeholders. Finally we found that key works who work in the local respite centre were the centre people, each key worker  was responsible for just one ill child’s case. They connected  and communicated with all the stakeholder basing on ill child’s need. The officel activity staff  in CHAS also the key people who closely connect with the ill child and local respite centre.
So for the next step, i will try to contact and interview these two key people to understand and get more insights about the big picture of communicated system of KIST project and what are the needs of them. 
Pathway stakeholder
After the workshop, i analysed the stakeholder map by diagram, to see where was the gap and which part needed to further research and understand. This stakeholder diagram still in developing process and needs further complete and integrate after interviewing the key people. 
Activity Plan 
1) Mapping out what is the KIST project. 
KISTproject is the development of  a communication system with staff, parents and children from the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and a design team from the University of Dundee. The system is intended to enable CHAS staff, parents and relatives of children with complex communication needs to share the likes and dislikes of the child through a combination of workshops, handcrafted objects and an online interface.
Challenge: the project requires a designer to work with  the team to develop and potentially implement the service system and touchpoints of the KISTproject.
2) Mapping out the key area your project focus on and time in the whole project background . 
3) Describe your project. (Project baseline form)
– Write down project’s research question, outcome and what something to do can reach the outcome. 
– Outline the motivations for exploring this area.
– Mapping your project baseline. What do you need to find out? what do you know about it already? What is your project space(context)? 
4) How can stakeholders interactive with each other in KIST project. ( touchpoint)
– Different scenario ( at home, at CHAS, at local respite care centre, at local community carer, at school)

5) Storyboard of KIST project. 


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