The memory box network meeting

The Memory Box Network(MBN) is a charity that brings social media and reminiscence therapy to provide a new digital service designed to enrich the quality of life of all those affected by dementia.
At present, MBN try to spend around 3-6 weeks for testing with the private home, 3 care homes and Dundee dementia centre. In general there are 32 people with testing in three different sector.
Using the online system
The people who set up the account wouldn’t be that person’s account for. This both base on inference. So for CHAS, it would be the child to set up the account or would be the main carers.
For the testing, what MBN try to do is to build something only be added to whatever had to reinvent. For example, you put all the detail in what the people with dementia or put the detail with the child who with life-limitation condiction. But there still no much details about these people, such as no concrete address, career or date of birth, you have to adventure.
MBN System
In the system, it would include the person and also the form which use  to test the person. But the system may be just got a less data about the person, whatever the data is, like date of birth or places of live.
When the system is filling life, they would be multiple places life live. Then the person can choose the decade, like you have 1910, 1920 and 1930 etc . The data here is to match up that decade. And the system cloud with different materials such as pictures and music. All these content also have time on it to match up to the decade. So the system brain would base on all these background data to suggest the person’s life content and what is person life with.
What MBN try to do is to give a expamle or a way to suggest what is it the random content base on what main or best guess, so that is why all these details don’t need to fill out all when you try to add people.
 Four Key Things
During the meeting, there were four things which Scott hoped us understand and explain to CHAS if we try to test the system with the CHAS staff:
– It is very important to remember the account name and password for every users. The memory box can not access and change any password now if the user loss it, because the system can not record it at the moment and it still during the test process.
– It is better to write down the detail of users on the MBN User Login Sheet when we test the system at CHAS. This can help people get their password back when they forget or loss their password during the test period of MBN. If possible, the password better to follow the form of MBN below:  fist name + second name + number.
– Now MBN can not automatically send the register confirmation to the personal email address for security when people set up a account, but just now MBN need control over that to do the testing.
– MBN wouldn’t access to any personal information.

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