CHAS 21st birthday party


IMG_2139_Snapseed photo 2_Snapseed

I and Sara spent around three hours on CHAS part last Saturday, it was a brilliant party including music, dancing and sharing, every one always with smile on their faces.  We met different families and staff at the party and shared some their stories.  
Although we just had an opportunity to spend  half hour to explain our project with three families, but I think we can build a good relationship with CHAS and  families via this party. Finally, we got some useful feedbacks below: 
–  One family referred to a software of Big step by step, it was a kind of ‘switch’ communication technology for disability people. Here is the youtube link
– Both two families mentioned the idea of emotional passport about using the social network to share the life of the children. It was not about the medical sharing but very privacy and personal sharing just like passport which represent yourself identity and security. 
– One family also referred some software technologies like eye gaze and protracker. 
– For the interface of memory box network, one family liked the design of wide button on iPad which help user can easy to use and navigate. But it would be better if the memory box network could add some interesting or fun interactive interface and pattens on the platform, some style like game can keep attracting people into next step.  For the family, it was important to interactive with their children when they using iPad to share their family’s information on the platform, and their children like playing games on iPad, because the sound, colour and the patten can attract them to focus on the iPad interface.

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